Cherokee County, Iowa Treasurer office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).






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Drivers License FAQs

What documents do we need for someone to take the test for an instruction permit?

Certified birth certificate, social security card, a parent (if a child is under 18).

My child turned 16, what do I need to bring in to get the intermediate license?
Instruction permit, drivers education certificate of completion and a parent.

What written tests do we need for a CDL?
Class A CDL - general knowledge, air brakes (if needed), combination.
Class B CDL – general knowledge, air brakes (if needed).
Class C CDL – general knowledge, air brakes (if needed).
Please call for more information

I misplaced my drivers license, what do I need to be issued a duplicate?
2 forms of identification, such as certified birth certificate and social security card.
Please call for more information.

To change my name on my drivers license, what do I need to bring in?
Change due to marriage – certified marriage license.
Change due to divorce – certified divorce decree.



Motor Vehicle FAQs

Can I use the plates off my other vehicle?
If the vehicle has been sold, traded or junked you have 30 days to use the plates on a replacement vehicle.

What is required for a name change?
Certificate of title, registration, title application, divorce decree, court order or marriage license.

How long do I have to transfer a purchased vehicle?
You have 30 days from the date of sale.

What fees are due at time of transfer?
5% Use Tax on purchase price, title fees, license fee, and lien fee.

What do I have to do to store a vehicle?
You must turn in the plates to the treasurer’s office before the vehicle becomes delinquent.  There is no charge to store a vehicle.

How much does it cost to take a vehicle out of storage?
It cost one year’s license fee to take a vehicle out of storage and the registration month remains the same.

Is there a title for my small trailer?
If the trailer weight is under 2000 lbs there is no title.  You would need to sign the current registration and give that to the buyer.  Trailers that weigh over 2000 lbs have a title.



Property Tax FAQs

Do we accept debit or credit cards in the office?
Currently we do not accept them in the office.  If you would like to use a debit or credit card, you may pay online at

What tax credits are available?
Homestead, Military, Family Farm, and Ag land are available through the Assessor’s office.  Elderly/Disabled credit is available through the Treasurer’s office.

How do I change ownership of a property?
A deed will need to be recorded at the Recorder’s office. 

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due September 1 and March 1.  Taxes become delinquent on October 1 and April 1.  Please call the Treasurer’s office for penalty amounts after the delinquent dates.

Will you take payments on taxes?
Yes, we will take partial payments.  Penalty will still apply to the unpaid taxes after the delinquent dates.  Partial payments are not accepted for tax sale redemptions or special assessments.