Cherokee County, Iowa Sheriff enforces state, county and city ordinances within the county.


County Seat
Cherokee County Courthouse
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012

Cherokee County, Iowa - Sheriff         

All fingerprint checks for general public must be booked in advance. Call the Jail at 712-225-6738. No walk-ins allowed

The Sheriff is an elected Cherokee County official serving a four year term.

   The Sheriff's Office is responsible in enforcing state, county and city ordinances within the county. They serve all of rural Cherokee County including towns of Larrabee, Meriden, Cleghorn, Quimby and Washta. 

   Duties of the office include but are not limited to the following:

Reports of, and investigation of, thefts, vandalisms, assaults, illegal drug activity, reported child and/or domestic abuse, accidents and all other criminal allegations. Deputies are also responsible for the enforcement of traffic laws.
The Sheriff's Office is also required to carry out duties related with civil process including but not limited to:

Original notices and petitions, garnishments, orders, sheriff sales, room and board reimbursements, evictions, protective orders and restraining orders, involuntary commitment of persons with mental illness and / or substance abuse, duties related to condemnation of private property and the execution and return all writs and other legal processes issued by lawful authority.
The Sheriff's Office is also in charge of the Cherokee County Jail and Cherokee County Communications Center

   Employees  are member of the  Iowa State Sheriff's and Deputies Association.

Iowa Weapons Permit Law Update
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Iowa Sex Offender Registry

Address of
Sheriff's office:
111 North 5th Street
Cherokee, IA  51012


Phone Number:
Communications Center:
(712) 225-6728

Office Holder Name:
Jerod Clyde

Employees in
Sheriff's Office
Kenny Frank

 Deputy Sheriffs

Derek Scott
Jason Galeano
Jaqueline Stephens      Cody Woebke
Isaiah Isaacs


Civil Deputy
Barb Staver

Rose Beazley

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