Documents signed on or after July l, 2005, must meet the following Document Formatting Standards pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 331.606B. 



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Document Formatting Standards

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Document Formatting Standards

   Documents signed on or after July 1, 2005, must meet the Document Formatting Standards pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 331.606B. A $10.00 non-standard fee will be charged for all documents that do not conform to the requirements.

Requirements listed below:
Pages must be printed on one side only and cannot be permanently bound or in a continuous form
Preprinted text must be at least eight point and no more than 20 characters per inch
All other text must be at least ten point and no more than sixteen characters per inch
Document must be legible and reproducible
Document must be on white paper not less than twenty pound weight with no visible watermarks
Document must be letter or legal size paper, no larger
Document shall not have any attachment stapled, taped or otherwise affixed to any page
Signatures must be in dark black or dark blue ink and corresponding names shall be typed, printed or stamped below signatures
Margins shall be a minimum of ĺ of one inch
Embossed or inked stamps shall not cover or interfere with any part of the document
First page must have top margin of three inches of vertical space from left to right reserved for the recorderís use
Each document shall have the following information on the first page below the 3-inch margin:
1. The name, address, and phone number of the business and individual who prepared the document
2. A return name and complete address
3. The name and address of the taxpayer for any document of transfer
4. The title of the document
5. The names of all grantors and grantees
6. The legal description and parcel identification number, if required

* If insufficient space exists on the first page for all of the information previously described (above in 1-6), please reference on the first page, the page number where the information is located. Example: Legal Description - see page 5.

When Referencing a Related Document:

If filed before January 1, 1997 please use a Book and Page (Example: Book 247 Page 34).

If filed after January 1, 1997 please use a File Number (Example: #97-246).


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