The Board of Supervisors in Cherokee County, Iowa is the legislative body of the county.


County Seat
Cherokee County Courthouse
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012

The Board of Supervisors in Cherokee County, Iowa
is the legislative body of the county


The Board of Supervisor's are elected according to Plan Three of the 1984 Code of Iowa, Chapter 331.208.  It is composed of five members elected at large.  Vacancies in the Board of Supervisors are filled by appointment made by the County Auditor, County Recorder and the Clerk of District Court.

   Term, four years; bond required, not less than $10,000.

   The Board of Supervisors is the legislative body of the county and the following are some of its important duties and powers:
Approves bonds of county officials
Approves reports of county officials
Establishes and vacates public highways
Levies taxes to raise revenues for county purposes
Allows claims against the county and orders same paid
Fills vacancies in county offices, except members of its own body
Allows or disallows homestead credit claims and military exemptions
Approves cigarette, beer and liquor applications for permits outside cities
Refunds taxes on property erroneously assessed

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Map of Supervisor's Districts
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Open Meetings Law - Iowa Code Chapter 21


Address of Board of Supervisors office:
Cherokee County Courthouse
Boardroom on Lower Level
520 West Main St.
Cherokee, IA 51012

Regular Board meetings
Held every Tuesday at
9:00 a.m. in the Boardroom, located on the lower level of the Courthouse

Phone Number:
(712) 225-6706

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Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC)

National Association of Counties

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Meet Our Supervisors


Bryan Petersen, Supervisor
District 2
Elected: 2020


2020 Committee Assignments

Board of Health, Simpco, Siouxland Regional Transit Services, Third Judicial Representative, MHI Citizens Advisory Board, County Shop


Rick Mongan, Vice-Chair
District 1

Elected: 2012 Re-Elected: 2016,2020


2020 Committee Assignments

Cherokee Area Economic Development, EMA Commission, E911 Board, Ambulance CRMC, Board of Health, Youth Emergency Services Center Board, Cherokee County Residential Services, Inc. MHI Citizens Advisory Board, Mid Sioux Opportunities, Safety Committee, County Shop


Wane Miller, Supervisor
District 3

Elected: 2018



2020 Committee Assignments

County Shop, Board of Healt, Regional Workforce Investment Board, Rolling Hills Region Governance Board, IT Committee, MHI Citizens Advisory Board, County Shop


Gary Lundquist, Chairman
District 4

Elected: 2014 Re-Elected 2018


2020 Committee Assignments

Solid Waste Commission, Board of Health, Northwest Early Child Iowa Board, REAP, Courthouse Facility Security Committee, County Employee Personnel Committee, County Shop, MHI Citizens Advisory Board


Duane Mummert, Supervisor
District 5

Elected: 2016 Re-Elected 2020


2020 Committee Assignments

EMS Committee, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Board of Health, MHI Citizens Advisory Board, Loess Hills Development & Conservation Authority, County Fairs, County Shop