Cherokee County, Iowa Auditor office Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 



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Auditor's Office FAQ's

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Where do I find ownership history for my property?
The County Auditor is the official record of property ownership. Transfer books in our office begin when the County was established and each recorded transfer documents all parcels. This is all public information.

Our family has a century farm, where do I find information about dates of ownership?
Documentation of recorded deeds are in County Auditorís transfer books

How do I get a name off of the property?

If clear title has not been obtained before property transfer, our office can research why a name is still on the property. Many times a Life Estate has not been taken off when the person dies and this will need to be done through an attorney filing an affidavit document from the estate or surviving spouse.

What is the difference between Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenancy?
Property owned by two or more people as tenant in common means they all own an equal share of the property and all owners must sign the deed when sold.
Joint Tenancy with the right of survivorship. Survivors automatically gain ownership of decedentís interest. All owners must sign the deed when transferring the property.

How can I transfer ownership of my property?
By Iowa Code only a practicing attorney can prepare a deed to transfer property.