The Clerk of District Court is a state office which is part of the Third Judicial District. 


County Seat
Cherokee County Courthouse
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012

Cherokee County, Iowa                                   Clerk of District Court


  The Clerk of District Court is a state office which is part of the Third Judicial District.  They are the custodian of court records relating to Civil Court Actions, Probate Court, Small Claims Court, Mental and Substance Abuse Commitments, Adoptions, Change of Name, Juvenile Court, Dissolution of Marriage, Traffic Court, Criminal Court, and Jury Management.


A person can also pay their court fines online at  They can represent themselves by looking through the court rules and forms and since Iowa is an electronically filing state, they must file actions electronically or in other terms, through a computer with the link on that same site.  Those instructions are located on the same website under the tab "For the Public". A person can also search for an Iowa attorney or locate phone number contacts.  Also, please note that the Clerk of the Court cannot give legal advice as their only duty is an administrator of the records of court files for each county for which they are responsible.



Court Organization

The Iowa Judicial Branch is composed of a
supreme court, a court of appeals, and a unified trial
court known as the "Iowa District Court." 

As of July 1, 2007, there is one chief justice and 6 justices
in the Supreme Court.  The Court of Appeals is made
up of 1 chief judge and 8 judges.  Statewide there
are 116 district court judges, 58 district associate judges, 12 associate juvenile judges, one associate probate judge,
30 senior judges, and 144 judicial magistrates authorized to
serve in the Iowa Judicial Branch.



Address of the
Clerk of Court office:
Drawer F
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

*May be closed during lunch hours*

Phone Number:
(712) 225-6744

FAX Number:

Jury Duty Number:

Office Holder Name:
Lisa M. Grashoff

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Employees in the
Clerk of Court Office:
Courtney Hill, JS2

Clerk of Court Links:
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