Quimby, Iowa - "In the Beautiful Little Sioux Valley."


County Seat
Cherokee County Courthouse
520 West Main
Cherokee, IA 51012


  " Home to Watermelon Days "



   Quimby was officially set up on October 3, 1887, after being founded in late August of 1887 with the name Wendall.  The town was renamed Quimby after locals decided that Wendall was "too Republican sounding."  Over the next few months the town grew with two grain elevators, a grocery store, a general store, a hotel, a creamery and a hardware store.  The Quimby Herald, Quimby's first newspaper, was distributed to the 250 residents in 1889, many of which were business owners.

   More recently, this small farming community has become the home of Quimby Town & County Watermelon Days Celebration.  This is an annual event held each June with over 3,000 pounds of watermelon served.  Along with amusement rides and a Kiddie's Parade, a multitue of golfers take to the greens for the Watermelon Days Golf Tournament. 

   The $400,000 course and clubhouse are the most recent additions to Quimby.  The course's rolling landscape features 3,500 yard, 9-holes, an irrigation system and a storage building for equipment.  The clubhouse is also available for private parties and wedding events.